[mathNEWS] New Music Roundup (5/11)

Summer’s right around the corner, and I thought it would be nice to usher in the season with a couple of new tunes.

1. Jon Bellion - Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction) #

Jon Bellion released a beautiful album in 2014 called The Definition, and after such fragile introspection you’d think he’d need to take a creative hiatus. But he didn’t. Instead he released Woodstock. It’s spacey and glitchy and perfect for listening to on repeat while hallucinating in the sun.

2. NoMBe - California Girls #

I hadn’t heard of NoMBe until this month, but I’m glad I found him. This is a song to play after the sun’s gone down; when the vibe is dark and sultry. It mixes well with The Neighbourhood and The Weeknd.

3. Milk & Bone - Pressure #

Milk & Bone is new band out of Montreal that makes chill, downtempo, cruising music. Pressure is a song for relaxing with your significant other on the porch. It’s hot and sweaty, but they include the refrain: “You’re like good water pressure in a cold rainy summer.”

4. Girlpool - Before The World Was Big #

I’m not completely sure if I like Girlpool, but nevertheless I can’t seem to stop playing this song. The somewhat dissident vocals manage to be both sweet and somber at the same time. For those of us stuck on campus, it reawakens childhood memories of flowers, cottages, and not school.

5. Cheat Codes (ft Evan Gartner) - Adventure #

I vaguely recall Cheat Codes from remixes that they’ve released in the past, but Adventure is on a different level. It’s unadulterated electro-pop in all its sticky, bubblegummy glory. And hopefully it’s a sign that a full album is coming soon.



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