[mathNEWS] New Music Roundup (6/22)

Pretty good two weeks for new music. The highlights are definitely Overflow and Re.Up, but Rumble in the Park and Daye Jack have enough intrigue to warrant a listen, and it’s hard to be unhappy with anything RAC does.

 1. Back of the Car - RAC

Back of the Car is RAC’s new single, and it’s probably about average on the spectrum of RAC songs. So, y'know, it’s alright. But the reason it makes this list is because I love RAC and I saw them perform this song at SXSW before it was released. In other words, I’m biased.

 2. Rumble in the Park - Catey Shaw

I hadn’t heard of Catey Shaw, and I’m not sure if Rumble in the Park is a good song, but it’s certainly an interesting song. The intro brings traces of The Chemical Brothers with a rap beat, and the vocals have a sass that has nothing to do with either. The lyrics use the word fisticuffs, and set up a scene reminiscent of the fight scene in Anchorman. This song has a lot going on and I’m still trying to figure it out.

 3. Daye Jack - Save My Soul

Daye Jack is definitely still figuring out his sound, which right now seems to vary pretty heavily between rap and glitchey synthey pop. Save My Soul is the standout, and manages to merge those genres palatably, despite being rough around the edges.

 4. Overflow - Ghost Loft

Overflow takes a departure from what we’ve come to expect of Ghost Loft. Instead of dark and moody, Overflow brings bright synths and horns to contrast with faded lyrics, tending towards the realm of indie pop. If you have the pleasure of heading to the beach, this is definitely a song to keep by your side.

 5. Re.Up - Rationale

Re.Up is the downtempo compliment of Overflow. Both have the same great faded summer vibe, but instead of bright synths and horns Re.Up has atmospheric synths and bass. And when the chorus hits you can feel your body want to rise off the ground.

*These tracks and others from past issues can be found on the Spotify playlist titled mathNEWS.



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