[mathNEWS] New Music Roundup (7/20)

1. Don’t Say No - Cheat Codes feat Dresses #

Dresses is an indie pop duo from Portland and Cheat Codes is an electro pop trio from LA. Don’t Say No sounds exactly like what you think it sounds like.

2. Look Outside - Nat & Alex Wolff #

Look Outside is off the soundtrack to to Paper Towns, which is a movie I had not heard about until today. This song makes the list because I think that as we head towards finals we should keep in mind the refrain in the chorus: “It’s not so bad. It’s alright.”

3. This Isn’t The End - Owl City #

Owl City released his fifth album, Mobile Orchestra, last week. It’s bad. Just though you all should know.

4. Stockholm - Atlas Genius #

Stockholm is the lead off Atlas Genius’s new album, Inanimate Objects, coming out August 28th. I’m exited.

5. Seventeen - Sjowgren #

Sjowgren has a HAIM style girl power rock vibe (though I should note that I couldn’t find much information about Sjowgren online, so I don’t know if they actually are a girl rock band), and Seventeen is a solid track with the right amount of low-fi to make it perfect for listening to outdoors on a summer afternoon. Listen to the harmonies in the pre-chorus. They’re exquisite.

*These tracks and others from past issues can be found on the Spotify playlist titled mathNEWS.



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