[mathNEWS] New Music Roundup (7/6)

If you’re a fan of music like the 1975, then this week is good for you. Lots of tracks in this list come in a similar vein.

1. Abrasive - Ratatat #

New Ratatat album Magnifique coming out July 17th. Need I say more?

2. Tell Me What You Want From Me - Good Old War #

Good Old War’s latest album Broken Into Better Shape was released last week. Much like the album, the lead track, Tell Me What You Want From Me, is optimistic and approachable despite an angsty title.

3. XY&O - Low Tide #

XY&O only has one song on Spotify, but it’s a good start. Low Tide fits right in the genre niche formed by bands like the 1975 and Smallpools, but bewarned it’s not a jam. It’s more of a playlist filler type song (in the best possible way).

4. Galaxy Rider - Voyageur #

Galaxy Rider has less than 15k plays on Spotify, but I think it’s beautiful. The chorus is cringingly high, and the lyrics are immature, but the result is raw and delicate, like watching your younger sister perform in the elementary school play. Galaxy Rider feels like it’s on the edge of breaking, but hasn’t yet because it doesn’t know what breaking is.

5. Eye to Eye - Astronauts, Etc. #

Eye to Eye fits into the same genre niche as Low Tide, but with deeper lyrics and more intricate instrumentation. The song is about the mix of tension and timidity in the lead up to a difficult conversation, which the guitar mirrors by straying between the drums (which increase the pace) and the keys (which are fighting to bring the pace down).

*These tracks and others from past issues can be found on the Spotify playlist titled mathNEWS.



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