[mathNEWS] New Music Roundup (6/8)

Lots of great new music came out in the last two weeks, so I’m sticking with the same theme. I’ve also put the tracks in a playlist, which you can find by searching mathNEWS on Spotify.

1. L$D - A$AP Rocky #

I typically don’t like A$AP Rocky, but I typically do like heady, faded songs about drugs. So I guess they balance out. Since I’m biased towards Seattle Rap, I’d also recommend Paradise by Ryan Caraveo and Goodbye My Love by Fresh Espresso. But L$D is good also.

2. Scud Books - Hudson Mohawke #

There’s no denying that Scud Books is a good track, but it can be kind of intimidating to fit into your day. Maybe when I start running again I’ll have time to appreciate it’s intensity.

3. We Won’t - Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan #

Jaymes Young’s top song on Spotify samples Sufjan Stevens, so obviously I like him, but the reason this song makes the list is because of Phoebe Ryan. Phoebe Ryan sounds like an American Ellie Goulding, and if you haven’t heard her cover mashup of Ignition / Do You… then you should just go listen to that now.

4. filous and James Hersey - How Hard I Try #

How Hard I Try sounds a bit like Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, but electropop. The electropop makes it less interesting, but brighter, which I appreciate.

5. MKTO - Bad Girls #

MKTO isn’t exactly indie (you probably know them from Classic or American Dream), but I don’t care. Bad Girls is instantly catchy. And it has the line: “She like getting naked and swimming in pools. // She make it look sexy to break all the rules.”



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